Fort George/Monk's Hill

Historical Period

Following the 1666 invasion and devastation of Antigua by the French, the planters and British military realised the need to defend their colonial interests. 

Construction work began atop Monk's Hill in 1689, and ultimately, Great Fort George, a complex of over eight acres in size, was completed around 1715. 

Although manned with more than 30 large calibre cannons, the main function of the fort was to serve as a place of security for women, children and personal property. 

Fort George primarily served as a signal station. From its prominent position, flags, signal guns and other devices, provided a means of communicating between the other fortifications and colonists. 

Today the site is in complete ruin and overgrown with low scrub bush. Its massive cisterns, cemetery, stone buildings and crumbling ramparts are in urgent need of stabilisation and repair.